Wednesday, December 30, 2009


(Soul Eater fanfic)

A fairly tall black-haired boy walked silently down the halls of his new school. He, being the son of Shinigami, didn't even have to go to school-- but he insisted on it. He wanted to and he felt obligated to. The only thing that was stopping him from a perfect first day was the fact that his two friends serving as weapons didn't wait for him to prepare himself and left without him. So, as he entered the classroom and took a seat next to said friends, whose names were Liz and Patty, he rested his head on his hand and looked patiently at the eldest sister.
"What the hell are you staring at me for?"
"I'm waiting for an apology."
"Yeah? We'll you're not gonna get one no matter how long you sit there. You look like a moron, by the way."
"I'm willing to wait. Even if it was wrong of me to have taken so long just to get out of the shower, it was just as wrong for you two to have left without me."
"That's bullshit."
"Oh, sis!" Patty said, smacking her across the face. "Don't swear!"
"I'll swear when I feel like it, Patty... besides, don't you think Kid is being a filthy liar? We had every right to leave without him!"
"It will always be immoral, no matter how many excuses you come up with." Kid sighed as their teacher walked in.
"Will not..." Liz whispered.
"Okay, class! How many of you actually took the time to study for this test?" The gray-haired man smiled, making fun of his more careless students. About half of the raised their hands well the other half just grumbled.
"Yeah, that's exactly what I expected. Maka, will you pass these out?"
The girl nodded, rose from her seat and made her way to the front of the class.
"Um, Lizzy, how come professor Stein always asks Maka to help him?"
"I have no idea. But I bet Kid would know. I mean, he is supposed to be a genius and all..." Liz sneered.
"He has is reasons." Kid mumbled as Maka set a considerably large pile of papers that were supposedly the test in front of him.
"Whoa, this is huge! This is what we were supposed to study for?! That's insane!" Black Star cried as he flipped through it.
When each and every student had received a copy of the test, doctor Stein went over the rules before he set the time.
"I want to make this clear, okay? There will be no cheating whatsoever, and if you get caught you'll get a zero on the test no matter how many answers you got right on your own. That means no looking at other papers, no asking someone else for the answer, no cheat sheets or whatever tricks you kids have up your sleeves. hYou have an hour and a half and I expect to hear absolutely no talking among you guys. And..begin."
"Dammit, dammit, dammit!" Liz murmured to herself. "Why the hell didn't I study for this?! I knew it was gonna be important..."
"What's that, miss straight A's didn't study? Oh, that's a shame..." Kid snickered, turning the page and filling it out in less than a minute.
"Shut the hell up!" Liz frowned. "Whoa whoa whoa..."
"Hmm?" Kid smiled, looking at her and still managing to somehow fill out the answers.
"Dude! There's no way you're not cheating! No one can do anything that fast!"
"I beg to differ."
"Doctor Stein!" Liz shouted. "I think Kid's cheeeaaating!"
Everyone in class turned around to look at the striped boy.
"I-I'm not, I swear!" He said. "Liz is just pissed at me!"
"Nuh-uh!" Liz said, grabbing his arm and taking a piece of paper out of his sleeve. "See? He has a cheat sheet and everything!"
Stein shook his head and made his way to the two. "Kid, I never expected this from you. Quite frankly, I am...ashamed."
"Look, I'm sorry! Can't you just confiscate it and let me start over or something?!"
"Rules are rules, Kid. Come with me."
So, for the hour and twenty minutes after that, Death the Kid, son of lord Shinigami, was forced to sit at the teacher's desk and watch Stein read a book.
"And...time!" Stein said as the timer went off. "Raise your hand if you knew what the hell any of those questions meant.
A boy and a girl in the very back were the only ones to raise their hands.
"Yeah, figures." Stein smiled. "Bring your tests up here, kids..."

"Do I really have to help you grade every single one of these?" Kid mumbled impatiently, sorting through the five-foot-tall stack of tests.
"It's your own damn fault. Here, take students J through L..." Stein said, handing him the tests for students whose first names started with either J or L. Kid looked through them as fast as he possibly could, his eyes darting from the answer key to the sheet and back...
"Jonathan Doss, Judith Kerr..."
"Hunh...I always thought we had more J's in our class than that."
Kid sighed. "Kasey December, Kelly Luna, Kelly Wilburn, Kimberly Lee, Kina Wolfe, and some other people..."
Stein put those tests upside down on top of the rest and realigned it.
"Lacey Hack, Lenna Wolfe, Lina Alexandria, Lily Lang, Lolo Jackson..."
"There's more than that. I'm sure of it..." The older man muttered, shuffling through the ungraded pile. "Oh, there's a ton of Lizes! how did that happen?"
"Liz?" Kid murmured.
"Yeah, do these ones real quick. I have to go get some coffee."
Kid looked down at the tests for a moment before grading them a little bit more carefully than the others.
"Liz Jones, Liz Rule, Liz...Thompson..."
Kid frowned when he scanned over her test.
"'No way I'm not cheating?' I thought you hardly even studied for this test!"
He reluctantly wrote 98% next to her name and placed it with the rest of the tests. He sat patiently and waited for Stein to come back from retrieving his coffee, ignoring every urge he had to continue grading the tests and get the hell out of there. He didn't want to end up being the student who told horror stories about Stein at lunch and had them be true.
"'Kay, there's only like twenty tests left, right?" Stein said as he entered the room with two cups in his hand. "Show me how fast you can finish those and I'll give you this hot chocolate, okay?"
Kid nodded and filled out the remaining tests in almost record time. And by record time, I mean about fifteen minutes-- he was the first student to ever have to help doctor Stein grade a test.
"Pretty damn good, Kid. You can go home now." Stein smiled, pointing to the door and taking a seat.
"Thanks," kid murmured. "Oh, wait... I have to get my stuff. Is that okay?"
ein nodded. "Take your time, I don't have to be out of here 'til seven..."
Kid ran to the seat he had sat in that day, bent over and crawled to the seat next to that, which was Liz's. True, he lied to Stein and already had his belongings on his person, but when someone who doesn't study for a test and gets an almost perfect score is the kind of person to leave things behind, especially if she's your teammate, you investigate.
If your name happens to be Death the Kid, at least.
If she and her sister had been paired with anyone else she would've simply gotten an A and moved on. But no, this sort of thing had to be investigated. In depth. For days.
"I knew it!" he whispered to himself, closing her purple flower-laced binder and stuffing a photocopy of the answer key in his pockets-- one sheet on the left, the other on the right. "That twit..."

"Hey Lizzy," Patty said as she arranged her stuffed animals in order of height. "Why did you tattle-tale on Kid today?"
Liz looked at her sister, then returned her eyes to following a yellowish crack in the pristine, high-rise ceiling of Shinigami's house. "Do you really wanna know?"
"Yup!" Patty smiled.
"Well, mostly 'cause he never fucking listens to me. Like, remember last time we went to the market with Black Star and Tsubaki?"
"Oooh,you mean when he bought me mister Elephant?" Patty muttered, pointing to said elephant.
"Yeah. And how I said we couldn't afford to get you any toys 'cause Shinigami-sama was having a really expensive dinner party soon?"
"And he bought it anyway?" Liz sighed. "Or when we were training, and I said I was reaaaaaally tired but he insisted we keep training? Or--"
The doorbell rang.
"Oh, fuck-- don't tell him I was complaining, okay, sis?" Liz said, running over to the door. She opened the creaky old maroon door and faked a smile at her meister.
"Oh, you're finally home!"
"Yeah, Stein was being really strict..." Kid sighed, dusting off his pants and taking off his shoes.
"Hey, Kiddo!" Patty said, skipping over to him. "You know what we're having for dinner tonight?"
"No. What?"
"We're having blue cake. Have you ever hear anything as crazy as that?" She giggled, turning around to look at her sister, who nodded when she realized that Patty was trying to distract Kid from his troubling day at school.
"Mhmm, go on..." the black haired boy mumbled, taking a seat on the couch and grabbing a nearby magazine.
"I mean, we had to go to the store with Shinigami and he spent like fifty bucks just on the icing! That thing's gonna be huuuuuuge."
"I bet it is."
"Hey Kid," Patti said, bouncing over to the couch and sitting next to him. "You wanna go play video games?"
"Read me a story?"
"But I wanted you to read me a story!" The blonde pouted.
"Just how badly did you want me to read you a story?"
"Really badly. Like, I'll go buy a rope and hang myself if you don't read me Cinderella!"
Liz laughed nervously, knowing that her sister probably would, even if it was just as a threat. "I think you should do it, Kid..."
He rolled his eyes and languidly dragged himself over to a massive bookshelf in the corner off the room. "Cinderella, huh?"
Patty nodded as Kid took a rather thick picture book off of the middle shelf. "You do know this book is horribly overrated, right?"
Patty frowned. "Is not! Just read it to me!"
Kid sighed, tossed his head to one side and opened the book to the first page. "Copyright 1956 Hans Christen Anderson, all rights reserved..."
"You're an asshole, Kid." Patty muttered, storming off to her room.