Wednesday, December 30, 2009

flat tacos

D Gray Man crack fiiiic

It was around noon. Road was seated on the couch doing homework. David had recently joined her after getting bored of his book. Jasdero was sitting at the table in the kitchen all alone, fumbling around with his four day old taco.
"My taco won't stand up!" He whined, watching it once again fall flat on it's side.
"Well...why?" Road asked, not bothering to look up from her homework.
"I...I don't know..."
"Well," David said, getting up off the couch and strolling towards the kitchen. "We should do something about that."
"Yesssss yes yes." Jasdero smiled.
"But...what exactly should we do about it?" Road muttered.
"...What if it had a flat bottom...?"

So, about an hour later, Tyki came home from his four hour long trip to the library to see his three younger siblings perched around the oven, eyeing it carefully.
"W-What are you doing...?" He asked, throwing his longcoat on the table.
David looked up at him with a bored expression. "Making flat tacos."
"BECAUSE MY TACO WOULDN'T STAND UUUUUP!" Jasdero screamed. Tyki covered his ears to block out the shrill sound.
"Oh...okay." Tyki muttered, walking out of the room.
"" Road glanced at Jasdevi, who were watching the oven carefully. "How are y--"
"THEY'RE DONE!" David shouted, leaping towards the oven and recklessly slamming the door shut after he threw the tray on the counter.
" wanna see..." Road muttered, almost afraid of the purple haired boy and his blonde brother. Jasdero was smiling wildly, holding one of the tacos up in the air.
"It's beautiful! Heehee!" He said, looking up at it as if it were a god.
"I proclaim it...the Flat Taco."